The older I become the more aware I am of what I do not want in my life. It use to be I would appease people. I would accept invitations to go places just to show I cared about them. I would allow people to come to my house to display my hospitality. Apparently, I was not comfortable with me. I was not comfortable with my stance on life, my decisions to believe what I want, nor my ability to enjoy myself by myself. Well, not by myself. I have Clarence. We have each other.

I have decided to make a chance. I won’t attend events just to say I was there. I won’t accept invites just to please those who submitted the invite. There has to be some structure in my life. I must choose my time wisely, as time is precious.

My decisions to spend time with people will be based on a few factors:

  1. Will our time together add anything [good] to my life?
  2. Will our time together add anything [good] to their life?
  3. Will our time together increase the Kingdom?

This became very apparent to me in recent months. In August my uncle died of cancer. Most of the family traveled to Indy to celebrate his life. While people were traveling, his son experienced the death of his mother-in-law. While we were settling back into our lives after the funeral(s), my uncle’s granddaugther died. Less than two months later, my step-mother’s mother died.

While I was not close to all of these people, death takes a toll on every family. Either you are mourning the lost of someone or supporting those mourning. It is tiring, trying, and tough. But, in the midst of it all, there are cherished moments. Those moments allow you to be grateful for the family. Those moments give us an opportunity to give thanks to God that no matter how dysfunctional we are, we are still family.

During my recent funeral travel, I spent time with family I usually don’t see. It gave me the opportunity to learn the behaviors and characteristics of a group of people not very different from who I am.

All in all, I suggest everyone to spend time with family. Spend time with family who will add to your life. Don’t judge them on who you want them to be. Don’t judge them on who they were once before. Enjoy the moments of laughter. Enjoy the smiles. Enjoy the love, even if it is brief.


There are people in our past we no longer talk to or associate with for a reason. Some were negative people. Some were just negative influences. Unfortunately there are times when we must decide if it is more important to have friends or more important to be a friend to ourselves. Then, there are times when we give up on being a friend and go solo because we believe it is easier. I have found myself at the crossword of friend decisions way too many times. Thinking back on some of my decisions, I now find them to be ill-informed or even a few rash judgements. Allow me to be clear. My decisions were based on a temporary moment without consideration of the long term.

I sometimes wonder how life would be with all my college friends still around. Would we vacation together? Would their kids call me ‘auntie’? Would we spend hours on the phone laughing and talking and planning our next moves in life? How many weddings would I have been in? How many baby showers would I have sent gifts to?

Then I wonder if the friendships we had were even valuable to anyone. Did anyone learn anything from the lessons and times spent together? Did we learn about ourselves or just learn what we did not like about each other? Did we learn how to let go of past hurts or are we still learning how to cope with present disappointments? What happens when best friends turn into strangers? What happens when roommates transition to associates? What happens when neighbors transitions to long distance Christmas card communication?

We can’t go back in the past to fix our mess ups. We cant even take back words we have spoken. There is absolutely no way we can undo our actions. The only way to right a wrong is to apologize in love, pray they accept it, forgive yourself, and move on.

So, in the spirit of all of that, I apologize for every word I have spoken against former friends. I apologize for my actions and inactions. I apologize for not being the friend you needed at the times you needed me. I apologize for not supporting you when were weak. I apologize for talking more than doing. I pray you forgive me and my ignorance to your situations. I pray the love of God truly brings peace to any hurtful situations.


As I continue on this journey of making healthier choices, I am learning it’s more than food. Food is such a small portion of what is really going on. Making healthier choices includes the people we surround ourselves with, the activities we choose to particiate in, and even the way we spend our money.

There is no way we could start a journey for weight loss and continue with the same friends, doing the same things as before. The people you surround yourself with must be committed to your health just as you are. The people you allow in your inner circle must want LIFE for you just as much as you want it for yourself. No one on this journey needs a friend that is always making bad choices in their life. My mom would always say ‘affiliation brings about association’. When you affiliate yourself with people you become associated with them, their behavior, and yes, even their choices.

For instance, if a person was striving to stop smoking but every person in their life was a smoker, the challenge to stop has tripled in struggle. It is difficult to see your demon in front of you being enjoyed by others and not indulged.

So, our house is more quiet. We don’t have as many visitors as we use to. Our dinners out with friends have lessen. It’s not because we can’t and don’t enjoy their company. It’s certainly not because we don’t enjoy food! It is because we have to live within our controlled world.

When the people you surround yourself with do not support the positive changes you are making, unfortunately, you must cut them lose. You can’t survive with someone using all your oxygen. It will cause you and your choices to die while they continue to live and be merry.


I’ve completed just about 6 months in this journey of healthy living and I seem to be a stand-still. That scale is just not moving like it should. So, I need to re-evaluate what I am doing, or not doing, and make some changes.

I know the first thing I must do it commit myself back to some type of exercise movement each day. Right now, I am committed to three days a week. I must increase and improve this. I am not going to try to kill myself but even a walk in the evening is better than nothing.

It’s amazing how our bodies change over the course of time. When I was 28, I was in the gym everyday. I would do 45 minutes on the elliptical then immediately do 45 minutes on the treadmill. Now, I do 20 minutes on the elliptical and I am exhausted. I even would do the cardio classes some days back then.

We make so many mistakes in life that we cant undo. Looking back, I should have pressed through and kept on the journey of fitness. Yes, I had a very good reason for stopping; however, looking back, it was the easy way out. Instead of balancing my life more, I choose to eliminate.

The lesson learned from that was TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST. If we don’t take care of ourselves we will be no good to anyone else.


Today I’ve learned a great lesson at dinner. Never decide on dessert immediately after eating. At first your body just wants to eat. It’s more about the food and not the hunger. If you wait about 30 minutes, the desire to eat will decrease and the fullness will become evident.


I started the year with a mission. I wanted to be healthy. It all started with a fast in January. Since then we have been committed to the task at hand. We have changed the way we eat. We have actually changed the way we view food. Food isnt the center of our lives anymore. It’s a pretty interesting change.

Since I started the journey, I have lost 30 pounds. Yes, it seems like a lot of weight loss. However, when I look in the mirror, I don’t see a difference. It is quite overwhelming to realize 30 pounds are gone and I still look the same. These are the times when one realizes just how big they are. Just how unhealthy and out-of-shape we are. It’s an eye opening experience.

Many people have asked what we are doing and how we are losing the weight. Here is a glimpse into our lives.


Special K, Carnation Essentials, Julian Michaels - They all have wonderful breakfast drinks. They meet the needs and start the day off right. The goal is to pay attention to the labels. The sugar amount should not be a lot more than the protein.

Egg beaters - I love scrambled egg beaters. A half of a cup is a lot of food. It’s very filling.

Cereal - Not all cereal is created the same. Some cereal are very high in calories because of the sugar content. Also, cereal have serving amounts! Yes, I know. Big surprise. A serving of cereal is usually a half to three thirds cup. It’s not as much as you think.

Fat free milk -  Yes, it looks like water but it’s more healthy. And plus, since the serving size is only half a cup, you arent drinking much of it anyway.


It’s all about serving sizes and portion control. There is no much off limits when eating if all portions are considered. Even an occasional fried chicken meal is allowed, IF YOU DONT EAT THE ENTIRE BUCKET. The goal is for your heaviest meal to be at lunch. This gives you plenty of time to work some of it off.

It’s always good to pack your own lunch. Any food cooked at home is better than restaurant food. The sodium is totally better when cooked at home.

If you are going to eat at a public place, try to go to chain restaurants. They usually have their nutritional information online or in APPs. Always plan ahead. Never get to the place and then try to determine the calories.  Check before you get there.


Get a scale to weigh your food. This is a major secret to portion control. Your idea of 3 oz is probably way different than what 3oz really is.

Chicken - Roast, bake, grill, saute. Do not use oils (even EVOO is not your friend).

Fish - There is so much you can do with fish. Try to have it at least once a week.

Beef - People say we should substitute beef with ground turkey. There is not a lot of difference in the two if you use the very lean beef (85-90%).

Bread - Bread is usually what causes the calories to be increased in a meal. When having a burger at home, try the low calorie breads. If you really want to be healthy, wrap the burger in lettuce or just have the patty.

Veggies - It’s all about portions, as always. The portion size of most veggies is half a cup. Purchase good measuring devices. Do not use oils and butters for seasoning. Go to the store and check out the seasoning section. Mrs. Dash has come a long way. There are several different flavors and they are low in sodium.

You should have twice as many veggies than meat.

Try to eat as early as possible. Do not eat right before bed. Try to eat snacks throughout the day so you are overly hungry for any meal. No snack should be over 200 calories.

Drink at LEAST 64 oz of water a day. Try to move around throughout the day. Get at least two and a half hours of exercise each week. Break it up so you dont pass out.

Last note: Do not use the scale to measure your success.


Eight days ago a tornado struck in the Midwest. Anytimes tornadoes touch ground I am concerned. I have family in all parts or tornado ally; however, there is no such place as tornado ally. They are not limited to a place. When I heard the city of Joplin had been affected, I immediately went into prayer. I have many co-workers and peers. I have traveled with them. Eaten dinner with them. We have laughed together. Been upset together. We are a working family. I started trying to call people, praying I would get an answer on the other line. After over three hours, everyone was accounted for. Unfortunately, some had lost everything. I kept saying over and over again “God, I trust You. You know everything. You are mighty. Your will is for our good.” I cannot say I believed every word of it. I was conflicted in my spirit.

I knew immediately I had to get to Joplin. I do not know all the reasons why I felt lead to get to Joplin. I just knew it. As of this moment, I am sitting in a hotel 20 minutes from Joplin and I am still conflicted.

When I arrived in the city yesterday, my heart dropped. Yes, I had seen Anderson Cooper on television talking about the destruction. Yes, I had seen Mike Bettes become overwhelmed at the sites he was seeing on live TV. Even with the hundreds of pictures and many hours of live TV, I was not prepared for what I saw. I felt as though I had been transported to Iraq in the middle of bombing mission. For as far as the eyes could see, not a building is standing. For as far as I could see, there was not a surface without debris. For as far as I could walk or drive, there was not a street not affected.

God, I trust You. You are mighty. Your will is for our good.

Weather is amazing. After experiencing four feet of water in my home just a few weeks ago, I understand nature has a mind of it’s own. As we drove around, we could see an entire house leveled but clean clothes still hanging in a closet. Another house would be leveled but the coffee pot on the counter would be half filled with the morning coffee. In one backyard sat a roof. Next to it was a clean children’s playset.

While out volunteering yesterday, we encountered an elderly woman who lost everything. She did not have a house to go to. She did not have clothes to wear. She did not have a toothbrush. It is such a helpless feeling to know she is not the only one. Yes, we could go and get this woman all her basic needs; however, how could the feelings of helplessness be contained. They would not be. As the woman was directed to a tent for her basic needs, my heart went out to her. What type of pain must this woman, well into her 70s or 80s, must she feel after living her life and encountering such an event in her latter years. Does she have the will power to start over again? Does she have ability to sustain her life with hopes her latter is better than her future? I don’t know. Truly, I pray I never find out personally how that feels.

God, I trust You. You know everything. You want what is better for us. Every situation we encounter is another opportunity to experience You more.

Nothing in life can prepare a person to see this. Nothing we have been taught allows us to remain unaffected. The only thing I know for sure is that God knows the plans He has for us. They are for us to prosper.

God, I trust You. I trust You. I trust You.

As I set out today for more volunteering, I will keep God’s promises close to my heart. I want to learn the lessons He has for me. I desire to do something, anything, to make a difference in one person’s life. Even if it is just a smile, I promise to give it. I will refuse to allow the tiredness in my body affect my goals. This is a vacation for me. This is LIFE for others. How dare I complain!

I trust You God!


It started raining over a month ago and never really stopped for more than a few days at a time. Our property backs up to a creek. On a normal dry day the creek is not visible from the backyard. It is a good distance away. A few times the waters have gotten closer. I was able to see them from my backyard. With the recent rains I am not only able to see the water, I can feel the water. It is everywhere. My backyard is waterfront property. I am sure small boats can travel through. My basement is another body of water all its own.

When we first realized the basement may flood we thought to put the furniture (two 60+ inch TVs, two sets of living room furniture, washer, dryer, and gaming tables) on blocks. We thought we had it made with such a grand idea. Well, the first issue was the truck delivering the blocks got stuck in the backyard. This was after I advised them not to drive the truck back there. After three hours and 5 additional hands to assist, the truck was free.

This was Sunday. On Monday the water started to rise in the basement. We were secure in our block plans and knew it would not flood. On Tuesday everything changed. In the matter of a few hours, the blocks were halfway covered with water. The blocks are 8 inches high. We realized quickly this was going in the wrong direction and had to remove power to the furnace and water tank to the house trying to avoid having to replace them. By Wednesday night we could not find the blocks (they were totally covered). The water had risen about 3 feet in the basement.

SN: I wonder if the home improvement store will refund my money on those blocks. Probably note.

So, today is Thursday. It’s been almost a week and the rain should pause for at least 48 hours soon. After it has stopped it will rise a bit and then start to recede. Well, I am not sure if it will recede before or after the next batch of rain next week.

SN: Wait. I forgot about something. In the midst of all of this we adopted a family. They hit hard times and were rebuilding their life. We partnered with a lot of people and God moved! We were able to get them totally moved in their home. The home is furnished, decorated, and they even have food. God is so faithful.

Okay, back to the water. It’s high. It’s cold. It’s in my house. I can’t swim. In the midst of everything that is going on, I just believe God to be a Forever God. He never forsakes us. I do not feel bad. I do not feel forgotten. I am at peace. He has placed people in our lives that are carrying us to ensure we don’t fall. Who wouldn’t serve a God like this?

SN: I really really suggest you get to know Jesus as your personal friend. There is no peace in the entire world like Him. No matter what happens in life He keeps you sane, healthy, and at peace with things. I would never imagine going through something like this without having comfort in Him. If you need more information on Him, let me know. I love to share!

At this moment, I can do a one thing: laugh. There are certain things that arrive in your life and the only response is laughter. There is no use in getting upset. No benefits in crying. No value in complaining. There is only laughter. Laughter just seems to make everything okay. It puts everything in perspective. No matter what I go through in life, I know God has not forgotten me. I know He knows my name. I am precious to Him. He cares for me. He loves me. He shelters me. He is concerned about what I am concerned about. There is so much peace in that. Even when everything seems to be going wrong all I see is His glory. It is evident each and every moment of my life.

Blog with ya soon!


As most of the world knows, I have been on a GET FIT FOR FORTY healthy kick. I will be 35 in August. I have heard so much about how your body changes at 40. I do not want obesity to be added on to that. So, I have made some major changes in my life. My goals are simple. I do not want to be skinny. It’s not my calling in life. Single sizes are not in my future. People will think I am sick. LOL. My overall goal is to have a 1 as the first digit in my weight. I know, that may seen crazy for most people but for a few of us, we haven’t seen a once since high school..or maybe middle school.

Oh, another thing that I have learned. If you don’t know people very well, don’t say YOU LOOK LIKE YOU ARE LOSING WEIGHT. What I hear is WOW, YOU WERE REALLY BIG. HAPPY YOU FINALLY DECIDED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT. That is not the best way to start or end the day. Maybe something like “Hey, somethig about you has changed.”

Here are some of the changes we have made:

  • We eat breakfast every day. I have never done this in my life.
  • I eat a sensible lunch with correct portion sizes. I still have good food. I still eat at resturants. I just watch what I am putting my body.
  • We  eat a very good, healthy, nutritional dinner. Most nights our dinner is not even about 500 calories.
  • We have removed all sugar from my house. We have had sugar in the house since January.
  • We have not had kool-aid in over 3 months.
  • We have had very very very limited fried foods (I cheat with fried chicken salads).
  • We have replaced most of my salad dressings with the fat free versions.
  • We intentionally keep the house stacked with healthy snacks.
  • We track what I eat. myfitnesspal.com and livestrong.com are wonderful websites to get started.
  • I tell people what I am doing so they can help me be accountable. At lunch people are watching what I am eating and I know this. So, no fried chicken will be on my plate.
  • We move more. I intentionally walk around the office during the day. We bought an elliptical. I started out at 2 minutes. I am up to 20-30 minutes. We walk at night around a track. I am at about 17 minutes for a mile. My the end of this journey, I pray to be running the mile.
  • We bought a food scale. We are actually eating correct portion sizes (3 ounces, 4 ounces, etc). This is so helpful. We are actually full at the end of the night and stuff after dinner.

I received an email from a ‘friend’ asking me to post a video on my facebook about pro-life or anti-abortion. My first thought was YOU ARE BRAVE. Who would send an internet friend a message about anti-abortion. She doesnt know me like that. She said in the email these women should give birth to these children and they would receive all the help they needed to ensure the child was not a burden and was provided for. What support system is this? Have I missed an important new governement act that does such a thing? Is there a clause for women who choose life? If so, please advise. I know many who are in need of dire assistance.

After considering the email, the wheels in my mind started to turn. I had to face the reality of my own thoughts on the subject. I also have to face the reality of those I love. Those who have had abortions. Then, in the end (or better yet the beginning), I must face the God I serve. So, after prayer, I am faced with a few short questions.

1. Is an abortion the will of God?

2. What are my personal beliefs on abortion?

3. Can I have a personal belief that differs from the will of God?

If you start at number, the wheels stop turning. There is no other answer but NO, abortions are not the will of God. We know this. It is not debatable. God created life. We must submit our decisions and will to Him when faced with situations as unwanted pregnancy. We are not able to decide on if a life should end or not.

Now, with that said, I am faced to confront those who are against abortion or pro-lifers, as they are called. I believe most people who rally the government, church, and world to fight against abortion are hypocrites. If you are going to rally for the life of a fetus, rally for the life of the children already here. Fight for their education. We are raising illiterate children. Rally for the life of prisoners (who are you to decide they should die). Rally for the life of AIDS/HIV victims (they need expensive medications to keep them alive). Rally for the life of patients on waiting list for organs. Rally for YOUR life. Stop smoking (you are killing yourself slowly). Stop fornicating (God is agains that too, you know). Stop lying (it’s a verse in that bible you are reading that speaks to that).

We must live a life acceptable to God. It is not possible to proclaim the will of God in one area and ignore the rest. If one does that, they are luke-warm (or just cold). They are straddling the fence (and it’s not sturdy). They are two-faced and cannot serve two Gods.

With all that said, I refuse to post a video, status update, picture, attend a rally, etc against any ONE sin when those attending are not striving to be without sin. God is not pleased when we throw people in the furnance when we smell of smoke. Pray for those faced with the decision to abort. Pray for their mind, their situation, and more than anything, their strength to choose life. If, by chance, they choose abortion (or is is choosen for them), remember the word of God:

Galatians 6:1 Live creatively friends. If someone falls into sin, forgivingly restore him saving your crtical comments for yourself. You might be needing forgivness before the day’s out. Stoop down and reach out to those who are oppressed. Share your burdens, and so complete’s Christ’s law. If you are think you are too good for that, you are badly decieved. (Message Bible Translation).


Many times in life we are focused to make decisions. Most of the time we consider the decisions to be personal. We think they only affect us. Truly, that is never the case. Whether the decision is small or huge, the affect will vary. People and situations will be affected. Even if you decide to stop smoking, people around you will live through the withdrawals with you. If you decide to stop eating a certain type of food, the people around you will either join you or make an effort to remember this choice.

When people make a decision to be married, it not only affects their relationship status but their friends and family. The person is no longer available at any time for whatever personal situation you may have. They now have a new priority in their life. And it is not you.

When someone makes a decision to be unfaithful to a spouse, wow, so many people are affected. Truly, people are not affected directly. Marriage is totally different. When people are married vows are taken. The vows are to God. The other person is the 3rd party. If something goes wrong in that marriage, the sin is against God, not the partner. Thus, if there is an affair, the person must first repent to God and then make amends with their partner.

If you make a decision to change your life for the better, it often will not be an easy change. There are often people in your life that you love that will fall into the category of PAST, and not present. This is why changing is so hard. No one wants to leave friends and family. Truthfully, there is nothing written saying you must totally separate from them IF GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO MINISTER IN THIS AREA. Friendship is a ministry. Marriage is a ministry. Every partnership in your life, including work, is a ministry.

Never allow your ministry to suffer because you are too tired, or lazy, to act. People need your example. People need to see what it looks like to have a healthy relationship. People need to experience your life. Many people believe it is impossible to love God and love people and incorporate fun in the midst. Some people even believe only a certain type of music can move them. And there is yet a small group of people who believe they only need themselves, and no one else. Those are the hurt people. They are hurt because they have trusted the wrong people. They need to see love up close, not at a distant on a movie screen.

Use your time to love people. Use your time on earth to make people believe in God. Use your time to give people hope that there is better in this world for them. Use your time. Use your time.


The pastor challenged us yesterday to recognize when we are not full. This is not speaking of food. Do you know when you are not full of energy? What about when your emotional cup is not full? Better yet, when your intellectual cup is not full? Do you even recognize when you are not living at a full capacity? Do you start to get irritated when your emotional cup is not full? When you feel you haven’t been getting your required amount of attention and affection do other parts of your life become affected? What happens at work when your home life is not where you want it? Do other people pay the price for your cup being less than full? Do you know how to fill your cup? What makes you smile? What gives you energy? Do you know when to pull back to ensure the same things that give you energy do not become the same things that drain you?

Start today thinking about your cup. Consider your emotional cup, your intellectual cup, and your physical cup. Write down the signs of when you are not functioning at full capacity. What down how you feel when you are at full capacity. This is the start of something great in your life. You wont be walking around for days, weeks, months and even years not knowing you need a fill up.

You are your own meter. No one can measure your capacity but YOU.


I started the year off with a mission. Not a resolution. A mission. My mission was for my life to glorify the presence of God. I want to totally align with His will. That includes my thoughts, my money, my body, my decisions and yes, even my friends. Yesterday was a pit stop in the mission. Not a bad one. A necessary one. I went to the OB doctor. For years I have hated going to OB doctors. It is horrible to sit in the waiting room with a bunch of pregnant or new mothers when you are not able to conceive. Yesterday was different though. I did not have disdain. I blessed them. Who says I am not able to conceive? Man did. Who believed it? I did. What is conception? Well, you know. I looked it up.

  1. broad understanding: a general understanding of something
  2. something conceived in mind: a result of thought, e.g. an idea, invention, or plan
  3. conceiving of young: the fertilization of an egg by a sperm at the beginning of pregnancy

I am able to conceive! I understand. I think. I have ideas. I plan. I fertilize? Hmmm. Good one. We’ll come back to that one. LOL

Anyway, as I talked to the doctor I was blessed. He asked me what type of diet I am on. I told him I was on a SUBMISSION DIET. Of course he asked what that was. I explained that I am not able to follow any type of diet plan like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc..but I am able to submit my food to God. I ask God to change my craving. Change my desires. Change the thought process in food preparation. Help me to feel fullness. And guess what!? I lost two pounds so far! HALLELUJAH!

The doctor explained he lives his life in repentance. He explained that instead of praying and asking he just goes to God and repent for not submitting. Through his repentance he can see and feel the changes in his life. What a different perspective! How different would our life be if we repented instead of asked?

God, I repent for not getting up this morning when the alarm went off. I repent for sitting here typing when I need to put my shoes on. I repent for checking my email before reading my morning devotion. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Let me know how this works for you!


Today is not the day to give in, give up, or do nothing. There are days like these when it’s easier to sit back and do nothing than it is to stand up and take a stance. When my grandmother died I was asked to perform her eulogy. I had no idea what to say about a person I deeply loved. I remember going to work, sitting in my office, and allowing God to pour into me as I put His words on paper. The message was A CHARGE TO KEEP AND A GOD TO GLORIFY. I knew it were a song. I had no idea the weight it carried. Days later at the funeral I was so nervous. The church was packed and I was having a hard time attempting to control my emotions. I really didn’t think I would be able to make it through the eulogy. Well, I did make it. Barely.

But the real miracle of the day was the message within the message. I was told after the funeral that the song A CHARGE TO KEEP was my grandfather’s favorite song to sing at church. I had never met my grandfather. I felt God had given me a message to bridge my grandparents together and to give their children hope and comfort.

As I think back on that day, that message, that time, I know today is a day where I must keep the charge. Today is a day we must not get weary in well doing. Today is a day we cant pay attention to who is doing less than we are and getting away with it. It’s not about them. It’s not even about the job being performed. It’s about how we handle ourselves. It’s about our intergrity. Believe it or not, our Christian obligations are required at work, home, and in every aspect of life. The same due diligence we give to God on Sunday is required every day of our lives.

Keep the charge. Keep the mission. Keep the cause moving. Stay motivated. Stay focused. Press forward. Don’t give up. Put the enemy in its place. Give no room to negativity. You are above that. You have power over your thoughts and actions. No one can cause you to sin. You have power within you to control yourself. Stand tall. Stand firm. Believe in the God IN YOU. Believe in the Word IN YOU. Believe IN YOU.


Will you measure yourself by the one who has accomplished what you couldnt and improve yourself? Or will you be prideful, give yourself the glory instead of God, and destroy everything in your path, including yourself?

What would we do when someone arrives on the scene to destory the very thing we have been afraid of for so long? Would we welcome this person or hate them for accomplishing something we had not been able to, or even tried to do? Or, would it cause us to measure ourselves?

When someone arrives on the scene is who is going above and beyond what everyone else is doing, it causes all others to measure themselves. If they are able to accomplish so much what is stopping someone else from doing the same. If you have a co-worker who is forever doing more than you, don’t hate on them. Observe and learn from them. If you have someone around you with more money, dont use them. Learn how they are accomplishing this for your own good.

It is never good to just allow someone else to go the work. It says a lot about your character when you are OKAY with achieving less. Some would say people who are always doing more, achieving more, have more, etc are prideful. What if its not pride? Could it be they have more faith than you? Yes, all you need is a mustard seed but when will you increase your faith? A mustard seed may get you a job but the entire jar of mustard can make you the leader or yes, even the owner.

Maybe you are the ‘David’ in a situation. Have you been able to accomplish something no one else had? If so, dont stay and glout for too long. There is a Saul in the wings. Saul was king and yet not able to destoy the giant. He will celebrate you in open but behind closed doors you have challenged his position. Will you then attempt to destory your leadership when they attack? Will you bring down the entire empire because you are hurt and being challenged? Or. Will you continue accomplishing more and allowing your work to speak for you? There is a decision to be made in your life. You are either David (who killed the giant) or Saul (the king who couldnt).

Will you measure yourself by the one who has accomplished what you couldnt and improve yourself? Or will you be pride, give yourself the glory instead of God, and destroy everything in your path, including yourself?